We need your help 

We have less than 30 days left to raise the remaining $50,000 to secure this property. 


At a time when artists have been historically used to make developments “cool” and vibrant, then sadly getting pushed out their confidence in creating for others is at an all-time low; Imagine a community designed for creatives by creatives.


A place for learning and intentionality. At C.H.A.C.E. Village we focus on innovation as much as preservation. Painters to poets, singers to sculptors, we will truly embody the creative renaissance taking place across Metro Atlanta.


With the ARTlanta Creative Leadership Academy & Special Programing + Smith’s House, a black-owned bed & breakfast we plan to activate the most inspiring artist space in Atlanta & surrounding areas.  


C.H.A.C.E. Village is sure to become a destination place for cultured creatives in the city of Atlanta and beyond that will inspire the world and grow as our city grows.


We have less than 30 days to raise the funding to complete the final phase prior to launching.


ARTlanta, The Creative Leadership Academy & Smith’s House will introduce a roster of essential experiences, exhibits, conversations, classes and workshops that will enhance the creative community of Atlanta in ways that have been overlooked for far too long. Our goal is to develop a physical and consistent space for the creative economy in our city to elevate into an environment that thrives from all angles in addition to providing the artists with the skills, tools and resources necessary to take their careers to the pinnacle of their desires. In order for others to see the value in investing in the work of the arts, we must first see the true value of ourselves, and arm ourselves with everything needed for survival, balance and happiness. 


Ownership is important now, more than ever. We must own our industries and the works we produce. Help us create the environment we've all been waiting on! Your support means everything to us! We have been planning the launch of a comprehensive program for ARTlanta and it's primary initiatives for a very long time and we are so excited to finally be able to share our vision with you guys. 



Thank you for your time and thank you so much for your support thus far!! 

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